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Promoting Chromatic Sources and Characters in Fandom
This is the LJ mirror community for [community profile] dark_agenda (dark_agenda_rss)

[community profile] dark_agenda was founded as a place to offer resources in order to increase the representation of international, non-English and non-Western fandoms in multi-fandom fanwork exchanges and festivals, as well as promote the responsible portrayal of characters of colo(u)r.

We seek to provide a space where fans, especially chromatic fans, can and are encouraged to critically produce, consume and discuss fanworks centered around chromatic cultures, characters and people.

We use the term "chromatic" as an umbrella definition for "person of colo(u)r", "non-white", "multiracial", "indigenous", "sourcelander", "hyphenate", "diasporian", etc.; while we acknowledge that it has shortcomings. Similarly, we accept that there is a certain flattening in our "white/Western/other" terminology.

We host a collection on Archive of Our Own (AO3), Dark Agenda Archive, for fanworks created in the spirit of [community profile] dark_agenda to promote representation and responsible portrayal of chromatic sources, characters and people. The collection is open and we welcome submission.

Our other collections on Archive of Our Own include:
We also have run our own Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange and Racebending Revenge Challenge.

We welcome promotions of challenges, communities and projects that focus on or actively encourage the inclusion of chromatic cultures, characters and people.

The moderators of this community are [personal profile] arobynsung, dharmavati, [personal profile] glass_icarus, [personal profile] snowynight, [personal profile] troisroyaumes, [personal profile] wistfuljane and [personal profile] yifu, and all of us have access to our official mod journals: [personal profile] dark_administrator and darkadmn. If you have questions, concerns and/or criticisms, you can PM either journal, or email us at darkadmn AT gmail DOT com.

Our Tumblr account is [tumblr.com profile] dark-agenda. Other communities focusing on chromatic characters and people can be found at our Communities of Interests list.
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