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Hi doers of darkness, apologies for posting this tutorial too late when the assignment deadline has passed, but hopefully, this may be useful for those who are creating Kaleidoscope Treats 2012 or still figuring out hosting and streaming options.

Uploading File Using Kaleidoscope Upload Form

If you would like to provide a downloading and/or streaming option for your fanwork for Kaleidoscope or Kaleidoscope Treats, [community profile] dark_agenda offers a limited option to host your artwork, graphic, mix, podfic and vid by using Kaleidoscope Upload Form. You will need a password and may contact us at darkadmn AT gmail DOT com or PM us at [personal profile] dark_administrator/darkadmn for one.

  1. Open http://darkagenda.org/kaleidoscope2012/uploads.

  2. Uploading File Using Kaleidoscope Upload Form

  3. Enter the recipient of your fanwork in the Recipient field. The form will create a folder with this information in which the the file will be uploaded.

  4. Enter the password that the [community profile] dark_agenda moderators team provided in the Password field.

  5. Click on the Browse button, select from your computer or laptop the file you would like to upload and click on Open.

  6. Once all fields have been filled, click on the Upload button and wait for file to finish uploading. This may take may take a few minutes.
  7. When the file has successfully uploaded, a confirmation page will load with the URL for your file.

    Kaleidoscope Upload Form Confirmation

  8. Copy and note the URL of your file.
Some other services that you can use to host multimedia files include:




Our 2011 tutorial on How to Post Various Fanworks for Kaleidoscope on Archive of Our Own provide details on how to use Photobucket and YouTube specifically for your submissions.

Posting Fanworks to Kaleidoscope & Kaleidoscope Treats 2012

  1. Create an account and/or log-in to Archive of Our Own. If you need an Archive of Our Own account invite, please leave your email at Archive Of Our Own Invite List For Kaleidoscope.

  2. Open http://archiveofourown.org/collections/kaleidoscope2012/works/new or http://archiveofourown.org/collections/kaleidoscope2012_treats/works/new.

  3. Under Tags, fill out the following metadata wherein any fields in red font and with an asterisk (*) are required information:

    Tags interface

    Rating: To quote from Archive of Our Own:
    Not Rated (Adult!): For searching, screening, and other Archive functions, this may get treated the same way as explicit-rated content. In reality, it could be anything from porn to completely family-friendly stuff. Choose this rating if you prefer not to rate your content (because you don't like ratings, because you're trying to avoid spoilers, etc.).
    General Audiences: This content is suitable for anyone: kids, teenagers, sensitive people.
    Teen And Up Audiences: The content may be inappropriate for audiences under 13.
    Mature (Adult!): This is for content with adult themes (sex, violence, etc.) that isn't as graphic as explicit-rated content.
    Explicit (Adult!): This is for porn, graphic violence, etc.

    Archive Warnings: To quote from Archive of Our Own:
    Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings: Use this if you don't want to warn for anything (because you don't like warnings, because you're avoiding spoilers, etc.). You may also choose this option if you want to use one or more archive warnings but don't want to use others (because you don't like warning for certain topics, because you're avoiding some spoilers but not others, etc.).
    No Archive Warnings Apply: Use this if the archive warnings don't apply to your content (in other words, if it contains no graphic depictions of violence, major character death, rape/non-con, or underage sexuality).
    Graphic Depictions Of Violence: This is for gory, graphic, explicitly described violence. Exactly where to draw the line is your call.
    Major Character Death: Please use your best judgment about who counts as a major character.
    Rape/Non-Con: Again, this is your call. If you think your content is borderline non-con, but you don't feel like using this warning (or you're not sure if you should), you always have the option of using "Choose Not to Use Archive Warnings" instead.
    Underage: This is for descriptions or depictions of sexual activity by characters under the age of eighteen (this does not include dating activity like kissing or vague references with no actual description/depiction). This generally applies to humans: If you are writing porn about space aliens who only live for a month or thousand year-old vampires with twelve year-old bodies, please just use your best judgment. You are always free to specify characters' ages or to use "Choose Not to Use Archive Warnings".
    We ask participants to consider providing additional content notes if their fanwork contains sexual violence or if their fanwork contains content that is commonly known to physically triggers someone, e.g. audio or video effects that may trigger epilepsy or migraines. However, if you prefer not provide any content notes, please use AO3's "Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings" archive tag. By default, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings is selected.

    Fandoms: The auto-complete field will only show canonical -- top-level -- tags as you enter a fandom, but non-canonical tags may be used and dark_agenda encourages you to do so as well as to enter, as you see fit, multiple versions of a fandom's name in situations where you feel appropriate, e.g. كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة, Kitāb alf laylah wa-laylah, One Thousand and One Nights, etc., or to enter metatags such as Nollywood.

    Category: F/F (female/female relationships), F/M (female/male relationships), Gen (general or no relationships), M/M (male/male relationships), Multi (polyamorous relationships or relationships involving more than two partners), Other (relationships that do not fit neatly into any of the aforementioned categories or do not have a category).

    Relationships (familial, friendship, romantic, etc.): Please see the above notes for Fandoms. The slash (/) or x sign, e.g. أحمد x شبه بانو, Ahmed/Perí-Bánú, usually denotes romantic relationships while the ampersand (&) sign, e.g. دنیازاد & شهرزاد, Dunyazad & Sahrzâd, Dinarzade & Scheherazade, usually denotes non-romantic relationships. We encourage participants to use non-canonical tags and include tags in original source language!

    Characters: Please see the above notes for Fandoms. We encourage participants to use non-canonical tags and include tags in original source language!

    Additional Tags: Additional Tags is freeform field wherein you may enter any sort of tags in which you would like your fanwork to be sorted, filtered or classified such as fanwork types or content notes. We also encourage participants to enter tags such as Chromatic Character or Chromatic Source in this field as well.

  4. Under Preface, fill out information concerning the fanwork's title, summary and notes. Any fields in red font and with an asterisk (*) are required information.

    Preface interface

    For Summary, if you are posting an artwork, graphic or image, we suggest using a thumbnail image as a summary: <img src="[INSERT THUMBNAIL URL HERE]" title="[THUMBNAIL TITLE]" alt="[THUMBNAIL IMAGE DESCRIPTION]" />. For Notes, we encourage participants to add additional content notes or a permissions policy for secondary fanworks based on your fanwork, and they can be selected to be displayed at the beginning and/or at the end of your fanwork.

  5. Under Associations, fill out information concerning in which AO3 collection the fanwork will posted, the recipient for whom fanwork is created and the main language in which the fanwork was created:

    Associations interface

    To post to the Kaleidoscope 2012 main AO3 collection, enter or make sure that kaleidoscope2012 is entered under Post to Collections / Challenges field, and for Kaleidoscope Treats 2012 AO3 collection, kaleidoscope2012_treats. Please also remember to enter your recipient's AO3 username under Gift this work to field.

  6. Under Work Text, enter your fanwork or insert a multimedia embedding, streaming and/or download link of your fanwork:

    Work Text interface

    For example, if you're posting an artwork, graphic or image(s), you may insert the html code for your image: <img src="[INSERT IMAGE URL HERE]" title="[IMAGE TITLE]" alt="[IMAGE DESCRIPTION]" />. Or if you're posting a podfic, you may insert the embedding code for your audio file to allow listeners to stream your podfic: <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="mp3=[INSERT URL HERE]" src="http://archiveofourown.org/system/dewplayer/dewplayer-vol.swf" width="250" height="27" allowscriptaccess="never" allownetworking="internal"></embed>. Or insert a download code for listeners to download your podfic: <a href="[INSERT DOWNLOAD URL HERE]" title="[DOWNLOAD LINK DESCRIPTION]">[DOWNLOAD LINK TEXT]</a>.

    Unfortunately, we do not have similar applications embeddable on AO3 that can stream video and non-MP3 audio files hosted on our site so for vids, you'll need to use 4shared, blip.tv, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Viddler, vimeo and YouTube for streaming options.

    For mixes, AO3 does not currently allow mixes consisting of download links or embedded streaming, unless they fall into one of the following exceptions:
    • a link to a playlist hosted on a site with an Internet radio license, such as Spotify or 8tracks
    • a playlist consisting of authorized sources, such as official YouTube videos or YouTube videos covered by Content ID
    If you would like to provide download links for your mixes, there are some options (though a bit cumbersome):

    If you're posting a story and it was in a Microsoft Word document previously, you may select the Rich Text option > Paste from Word icon (clipboard with a 'W') to copy, paste and insert your document:
    Paste from Word interface

  7. Once you've finished filling out all the information for your fanwork, click Preview under Post to preview and post your fanwork or Post without preview to post your fanwork without previewing it:

    Post interface

    When AO3 has posted your fanwork, go to my home > Works to review and/or edit your fanwork.

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