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Announcing Kaleidoscope 2012!

Doers of darkness, we are happy to announce Kaleidoscope 2012! Kaleidoscope is a multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms and we are hoping to open nominations on 2012 August 9, 9:00 PM U.S.A. PDT, which we selected because it's also International Day of the World's Indigenous People & South Africa's National Women's Day.

Further details will be forthcoming, but our Kaleidoscope Site Map with links from last year's challenge will provide some insights on what to expect from the challenge. We would also like to highlight some changes we're planning on making:

  1. FSTs/fanmixes and podfics are added to our list of qualified fanwork submissions:

    • the submission requirement for FST/fanmix is 8 tracks
    • the submission requirement for podfic is 3:00 min
    • the rarity limit for podfic is 100 works

  2. The submission requirement for vids will be decreased from 1:00 min to 30 seconds
  3. The fandom limits will increase from three (3) to five (5) - in other words, the maximum number (no minimum) of fandoms a person can nominate, the number (no more, no less) of fandoms a person can request, and the minimum number (no maximum) of fandoms a person can offer will be five (5)
  4. Start Kaleidoscope Treats period officially on the first default deadline which amounts to three (3) official weeks
  5. Crosslinking and/or crossposting Kaleidoscope posts to Tumblr on our dark-agenda account

In addition, nominations and sign-ups will be entirely hosted on Archive of Our Own (AO3) this year. As a result, participants will need an account on AO3. If you don't have an AO3 account at AO3 and would like to participate in Kaleidoscope, please leave your email address on our Archive of Our Own Invite List for Kaleidoscope form. We'll try our best to ensure that you'll receive an invitation for the challenge or offer alternatives to participating, e.g. [community profile] dark_agenda acting as a proxy for participants.

Another change involves our promotions period. This year, we plan to host a week of Kaleidoscope fandom promotions from 2012 August 9 - August 15 during the first week of the nominations period. While we encourage you to make fandom promotion posts in general, Promotion Week is an official advertising timeframe in which you can enable and cajole your fellow doers of darkness into the rare chromatic fandoms of your choice -- and thus increase their chances of being nominated for Kaleidoscope! ;) Promotion posts may include but are not limited to manifestos, meta, picspams, primers, and resource lists. Our goal is to have five fandom promotion posts for each day of Promotion Week, and you may sign up for post dates in the comments below.

We especially encourage promotions of fandoms involving sources, characters and/or people from mis- and underrepresented cultures and/or with other mis- and underrepresented identities. Last year's promotion fest and list of promotion posts may provide some inspirations: Africa, Dis/ability, First Nations, Latin America and the Caribbean, GLBTQI characters, “Rec me!” Comment Meme and Masterlist of Promotion Posts!

Feel free to share any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have regarding the challenge or the changes we're planning! Consider this the challenge feedback request we never got around to posting and let us know how we can improve and streamline the challenge! As always, you can email us at darkadmn AT gmail DOT com, comment here, or PM us at [personal profile] dark_administrator/darkadmn.

Promotion Week Sign-ups

  • August 9

  • August 10

  • August 11

  • August 12

  • August 13

  • August 14

  • August 15

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