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Kaleidoscope Site Map

For a site map for Kaleidoscope related posts and links, please see this post.
dhobikikutti made a post last year about AO3 tags no longer limited to Roman scripts. The guideline for wrangling Transliterated/Non-Latin Alphabet Fandom Titles has been implemented for more than a year and it's not clear, but AO3 will not change existing fandoms to include the original language title unless there is a support ticket requesting the change.

dark_agenda has always promoted being accessible to users who occupy different spectrum of linguistic fluency and knowledge. We believe archive tagging systems for fandoms should prioritize users for whom an original source language is part of their heritage culture(s) and who occupy different positions on the spectrum of fluency.

AO3 has more than a year to test their new guideline for non-Latin language fandoms and as chromatic fans and users of AO3, we think it's critical for AO3 to continue to understand the importance of being diverse, accessible and open to international, indigenous and disporian fans who have different degrees of English fluency and of fluency in their fandom language source(s). We believe it is important that fandom tags should at least include the original language title.

If you would like an existing fandom tag on AO3 to include the original language title, please consider submitting a Support requestCollapse )

Additionally, if you noticed tags in Chinese-language source fandoms that used a circumflex accent (ˆ) in place of a macron accent (¯) for transliterated tags, please consider submitting a Support request for AO3 to change the accent mark.

An example of a Support requestCollapse )

AO3 Support currently can answer queries in the following languages: العربية, Bahasa Indonesia, català, čeština, Deutsch, español, français, 한국어, italiano, Kiswahili, magyar, Nederlands, polski, português, Русский, suomi, svenska, Türkçe, 中文. It would be cool if you have knowledge in any of the above languages to submit a request in that language. It will take awhile for AO3 to make the change due to server load issues, but, hopefully, the Support request will be addressed.

Addendum I: Per samjohnsson's comments, we are encouraged to contact AO3 Wrangling team directly at ao3_wranglers about our requests so if you have Twitter, that is one contact avenue.

We also started a thread to list and keep track of fandoms for which we'll be submitting requests so feel free to add yours. Please consolidate your requests if possible when submitting to AO3.

Addendum II: The following proposal was submitted to AO3: Add Original Language Titles in Existing Fandoms.

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Kaleidoscope 2012 Conclusion

Hi doers of darkness, creators for Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope Treats have been (re)revealed!

We would like to thank everyone for hanging with us through various mishaps and bumps and we thank you again to all our participants, especially our pinch-hitters dhobikikutti, kyuuketsukirui, Lihai, ryfkah, springgreen, thesecondbatgirl and troisroyaumes. Thank you for participating, for supporting and for continuing to make this challenge so joyful and rewarding to run!

We were delighted to see fanworks from repeated fandoms (fandoms that received submissions last year and this year) such as Dí Rénjié, Capital Scandal, Hújiā Shíbā Pāi, Keizoku 2: SPEC, Jaymee Goh's Lunar Year's End and Natsume Yūjin-chō and from new ones like Arctic Expeditions RPF, Bollywood RPF, D.E.B.S. (2004), Peking Opera Blues (1986), FAKE, Fēngshēng (2009), Gokusen, Gung (Goong), The House of Aunts, Hōrō Musuko, Jūni Kokuki, Kaze Hikaru, Kitāb alf laylah wa-laylah, Kodomo no Jikan, Koko Kara Dou Suru?, Literary RPF, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Midnight's Children, The Paper Menagerie, Power Rangers Turbo, Scandal, Scott Pilgrim, Sengoku jidai, Sleep Dealer (2008), Smoke Signals (1998), Sun Sword, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Throne of the Crescent Moon, Toaru Kagaku no Rērugan, Toshokan Sensō, Truth: Red White and Black, Ultra Maniac, Vampire Prosecutor and Zhōngguó shénhuà; and we were equally excited to see submissions ranging from artworks, graphics, mixes, stories and vids. Thank you, doers of darkness, we are very grateful.

In closing, we re-opened Kaleidoscope Treats 2012 AO3 collection and it will remain open for submissions. We welcome and encourage artwork, graphic, mix, story and vid submissions inspired by prompts from Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange 2012 Sign-Ups, Kaleidoscope Comment Prompts and Dear Doers of Darkness Letters, by fanworks submitted this year from creators who granted permission to create secondary works or even by fandoms and characters nominated for Kaleidoscope 2012.

Additionally, if you have links to Kaleidoscope 2012 fanworks-related posts, please continue to link them to us at Kaleidoscope 2012: Discussions, Links and Recs, and now that creators are revealed, if you'd like us to include an alternative link to your fanwork(s) at List of Kaleidoscope & Kaleidoscope Treats 2012 Fanworks, please comment there with a link.

We hope you continue on pushing the dark agenda, doers of darkness! Happy belated observance of Dia de los Muertos!

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Hello doers of darkness, we would like to apologize again that creators were revealed early and that anonymity was spoiled for most of us. As has been updated by dhobikikutti (thank you, dhobikikutti!), anonymity has been restored thanks to the AO3 team, but recipients will have received an email notification with their assigned participant's AO3 username attached and AO3 members who subscribed to a particular creator will have received a similar email notification. We are so sorry, doers of darkness.

However, with anonymity restored, many of us would like that anonymity to remain for those of us who still don't know some of the creators' identity so we ask everyone to try our best to keep ours and other participants' super secret identity a secret (to quote one participant). :) We appreciate your help and apologize for the inconveniences!

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Hello doers of darkness, Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope Treats 2012 are live! We made an error and creators are revealed early (anonymity since restored), but this year, we have about 56 fanworks from about 43 participants, including those who signed up for Kaleidoscope and submitted fanwork(s), those who created fanworks for Kaleidoscope Treats and those who pinch-hit for us.Collapse ) We are incredibly grateful for your work, doers of darkness!

When we finalized the schedule for Kaleidoscope this year, we chose October 26 as the date for Kaleidoscope to go live because your dear moderators thought it was Diwali. Unfortunately, your moderators made a mistake: Diwali is 13 November this year. However, Kaleidoscope 2012 Go Live is still dedicated to Diwali so happy early दीपावली, தீபாவளி, तिहार, दिवाली, દિવાળી, दिवाळी, ದೀಪಾವಳಿ, धाकली दिवाळी, ദീപാവലി, ଦୀପାବଳୀ, ਦਿਵਾਲੀ, దీపావళి, دیوالی and Diwali!

If you've made a post about Kaleidoscope, discussing, linking and/or reccing your received Kaleidoscope fanworks and/or other Kaleidoscope fanworks, please link them here and we'll compile the links! Feel free to flail or start a thread in the comments as well!

List of Discussions, Links and Recs

To promote Kaleidoscope -- we appreciate any signal-boosting! -- below are some templates to copy & paste in your journaling or social platform:

Dreamwidth & LiveJournal TemplateCollapse )

Tumblr TemplateCollapse )

Twitter TemplateCollapse )

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We're sorry!

Hi doers of darkness, we made an error when trying to reveal the challenge and accidentally made the challenge revealed & unanonymous and can not revert the challenge back to anonymous though we tried to change the collection setting. We apologize immensely for the error!
Hello doers of darkness, both Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope Treats 2012 are now live!

You may browse through fanworks using AO3's Kaleidoscope's works and Kaleidoscope Treats's works navigation interfaces or through the list below.

Happy listening, reading, viewing and watching, doers of darkness! And happy early दीपावली, தீபாவளி, तिहार, दिवाली, દિવાળી, दिवाळी, ದೀಪಾವಳಿ, धाकली दिवाळी, ദീപാവലി, ଦୀପାବଳୀ, ਦਿਵਾਲੀ, దీపావళి, دیوالی and Diwali!

List of Kaleidoscope & Kaleidoscope Treats 2012 FanworksCollapse )

Please let us know if there are any corrections!

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Hi doers of darkness, this a friendly note that we will be closing Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope Treats in ~30 Minutes in preparation of the challenge going live!

Kaleidoscope reveal in less than 24 hours!

Thank you, doers of darkness! We have two in-progress submissions left and in order to give our pinch-hitters time to finish their fanwork and us more time to prepare for go live, we're extending the go live day to 2012 October 27, 9:00 PM PDT. Thank you, doers of darkness, for your patience and understanding!

Treats & Beta Requests

Hello doers of darkness, how is the wait for Kaleidoscope go live going? Are you busily trying to DO ALL TREATS or to finish a pinch hit? Feel free to flail or panic in the comments, anonymously or otherwise!

For those who are contemplating treats, please consider checking out Kaleidoscope Prompts & Treats where treaters and pinch hitters are leaving prompts, and treaters and pinch-hitters who have not officially sign-up for Kaleidoscope, please consider leaving prompts at the post!

We also have two more beta requests so below is a list of beta requests we've received.Collapse ) If you are interested in beta-ing for any of these requests, please email us at darkadmn AT gmail DOT com or PM us at [personal profile] dark_administrator/darkadmn with your contact information!

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Hi doers of darkness, apologies for posting this tutorial too late when the assignment deadline has passed, but hopefully, this may be useful for those who are creating Kaleidoscope Treats 2012 or still figuring out hosting and streaming options.

Uploading File Using Kaleidoscope Upload FormCollapse )

Posting Fanworks to Kaleidoscope & Kaleidoscope Treats 2012Collapse )

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